• Award-Winning Video Production

    Telly Award

    Recently, Creative Coop won a Telly Award in the Business-to-Business category for a promo created for Take Point, a Boulder-based training and leadership development company. The filming took place over a day and a half – involving local acting talent, some small business settings, and a lot of fun.

    Take Point contacted The Coop to build a marketing tool to explain their services in a quick, concise way and to make it look as exciting as the program actually is. The Coop drafted a creative brief that would execute on a visual presentation that aligned with their brand and emphasized the talk-points they wanted their potential clients to remember, while maximizing their use of creative control.

    The result is an engaging video marketing tool that, not only serves the financial and ROI objectives of the client, but was also an incredible amount of fun to make for all parties involved.

  • We Made a Short Film based on a Stephen King Story

    We made a short film! Creative Coop utilised the crowdsourcing platform, Kickstarter, to fund its first short narrative horror. “Popsy” is based on a short story of the same name by Stephen King. Our film modified King’s original story to encompass themes of animal rights and the nature of factory farm practises.

    Our film is now running the festival circuit, so be on the lookout for showings in your area. The trailer for our film can be viewed here. We want to thank The Pollination Project – a grant organisation that helps fund progressive, environmentally conscious efforts – for aiding in this process.

    Popsy :: A Short Film Trailer on Vimeo.

    We plan to continue this exercise and make more narrative short films. To keep up-to-date on our next filmmaking project, connect with us on Facebook.

  • Film Camp for Kids

    Every year, Creative Coop teaches a film camp for kids ages 8 to 18 – helping them write, shoot, direct, and edit a film they create as a team.  This year, The Code will be premiering at The Bug Theatre in Denver on August 16th.  It is an original story by the kids in the 2013 July camp.  The film can be viewed here: