• Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

    Adding video to your LinkedIn profile can help you get the most out of this under-utilised social media platform. The professional gallery feature lets you embed photos, videos, and presentations into your summary section, as well as at each position you’ve held (or currently hold) throughout your job history.

    LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals in your current industry or ask questions and learn about those that are less familiar. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your expertise in a particular field. Often, users mistake the platform as a glorified resume host, but LinkedIn has grown into much more. We use it to help answer video- and business-related questions that frustrate entrepreneurs and other video production companies, as well as to connect with businesses in need of marketing services. When we host networking events or video screenings, LinkedIn allows us to spread the word with great results.

    How has LinkedIn helped your business efforts?

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