Sexual Harassment Prevention Training That Actually Works

Our sister company, Sage Academy, has been hard at work with a revolutionary approach to anti-harassment training. This e-learning product looks and feels like a dramatic series like you would see on HBO or Netflix, but cleverly introduces talking points around how to prevent harassment from escalating in an organization.

In addition the entertaining narrative that follows two reporters trying to uncover corruption on a local level, this online training course also includes breakdown videos and activities for learners to build their own intervention strategies. Not everyone benefits from a “Just say this” approach; many need to figure out what works best for them. This is especially true for those that choose not to speak up because they fear confrontation or, worse, retaliation.

Finally, Sage is known for using neuroscience to engage parts of the brain responsible for processing tacit knowledge – wisdom that is not as obvious as when we learn “hard facts,” like the capital of a city or how to change one’s oil in their car. This course includes empathy-building exercises, connecting learners kinesthetically to writing activities while playing binaural music that stimulates alpha waves in the brain for enhanced emotional processing.

The multimodal approach (combining multiple ways of learning) engages learners so they are not bored, but also so that they remember the content much longer – and can recall it even when under duress.

You can watch the “movie” trailer below:

If you are interested in positively improving your workplace culture to one of accountability, communication, and respect, this e-learning course is perfect for you. Buy a sample course and try it for yourself: